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Monday, December 29, 2008

Nominations, to be elected ISA 2009

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section Nominations, To Be Elected at ISA 2009

Section Chair, 2010-2011:
Jacqui True
University of Auckland

Jacqui True is a senior lecturer in international relations at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She has been a member of FTGS since 1993 when she was a Masters student and was a graduate student representative on the Execom in 1995-6. She is a true believer in the feminist international relations community that has been built through FTGS over nearly twenty years now. She sees the FTGS chair role as an opportunity to continue building that scholarly/activist community that transgresses so many boundaries.

Jacqui is extensively published and well known for her scholarship on gender and international relations in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States. She has worked with and co-authored with many FTGS members over the past fifteen years and participated in nearly every ISA, serving as FTGS program(me) chair (2002), on ISA’s Long Range Planning Committee (2003-2004) and the ISA Best Book Prize Committee (2006). She has published four books and most recently co-edited Feminist Methodologies for International Relations (2006) with Brooke Ackerly and Maria Stern and co-authored, Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Sciences (2009) with Brooke Ackerly.

Jacqui True is nominated by:

Elisabeth Prugl
Florida International University

Shirin Rai (seconder)
University of Warwick

Annica Kronsell (seconder)
Lund University

Program Chair, ISA 2011:
Laura Parisi
University of Victoria

Laura Parisi is an assistant professor in the Department of Women’s Studies at the
University of Victoria, Victoria, BC Canada, where she teaches courses on gender and
international human rights and development, globalization, and transnational feminist
activism. Besides organizing and participating on many FTGS panels over the years, her
FTGS involvement includes:

• Co-chairing (with Brooke Ackerly) the FTGS program for ISA San Diego (2005-2006);
• serving on the FTGS best graduate student evaluation paper committee (2006-2007);
• serving on the FTGS nominations committee (2006-2007);
• chairing the FTGS mentoring committee (2008);
• writing and reviewing entries for the FTGS contribution to the ISA compendium project (2008)

Laura Parisi is nominated by:

Laura Sjoberg
Virginia Tech

Brooke Ackerly
Vanderbilt University
brooke.ackerly@vanderbilt.edu (seconder)

Spike Peterson
University of Arizona
spikep@u.arizona.edu (seconder)

Members at Large (3 slots):

1) Caron Gentry
Abilene Christian University

Caron E. Gentry is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Abilene Christian University. She participated in the Lilly Summer Fellows Program in 2005. Her work focuses on feminist theory and international security studies. Her co-authored book with Dr. Laura Sjoberg, Mothers, Monsters, Whores: Women's Violence in Global Politics, was published in 2007 with Zed Books. She has work published in Terrorism and Political Violence, the International Feminist Journal of Politics, International Relations, and the Austrian Political Science Journal. Caron has been a Member-at-large for FTGS for two years and is currently serving as the nominations committee chair.

Caron Gentry is nominated by:

Laura Sjoberg
Virginia Tech

Lauren Wilcox
University of Minnesota

Francine D’Amico
Syracuse University

2) Annick T. R. Wibben
University of San Francisco

Annick T.R. Wibben is an Assistant Professor of Politics at the University of San Franciso (USF), where she is actively involved in the interdisciplinary International Studies Program. She received her Ph.D.in International Politics from the University of Wales in Aberystwyth, UK and also holds an M.Soc.Sc. in IR and European Studies from the University of Tampere in Finland and a Vordiplom in Economics from the University of Hamburg, Germany. In addition to her appointment at USF, Annick continues to be affiliated with the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University where she worked with the Information Technology, War and Peace Project [infopeace.org] from 2001-2005.

Annick teaches International Politics and specializes in feminist IR, (critical) security studies, and IR theory. Before joining the USF faculty, she taught at Brown University, Bryant College, and Wellesley College. In the fall of 2003, she was a Rockefeller Humanities Fellow for Human Security with the National Council for Research on Women and the Center for the Study of Women and Society at the City University of New York Graduate Center.
Annick is currently working on her book on Feminist Security Studies (Routledge 2009) and recently published “Human Security: Toward an Opening” in Security Dialogue. She has presented her work at the intersection of feminist IR and security studies at numerous conferences and has published a few articles in the area, including an often cited piece on "Feminist International Relations: Old Debates and New Directions" in the Brown Journal of World Affairs (2004). She has also co-produced a documentary, After 9/11, with James Der Derian and Udris Productions (2004). Her Narrating Experience: Raymond Aron and Feminist Scholars Revis(it)ed (1998) was published by the University of Tampere.

Annick Wibben is nominated by:
Suzanne Levi-Sanchez
Rutgers University

Megan MacKenzie (seconder)
Harvard Univeristy

Sandy McEvoy (seconder)
Clark University

3) Megan McKenzie
Harvard University
Megan MacKenzie is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Belfer Center for International Security and the Women and Public Policy Program at the Kennedy School, Harvard University. MacKenzie has published in areas related to gender and development, international relations, security studies, and post-conflict transitions, including “Securitization and De-securitization: Female Soldiers and the Construction of the Family” in a special edition of Security Studies edited by Laura Sjoberg and a chapter in R. Charli Carpenter’s book Born of War: Protecting Children Born to Sexual Violence Survivors in Conflict Zones. Working through development studies, women’s studies, and international relations, her related research interests include securitization discourses, the influence of the liberal family model (including hegemonic ideas relating to heterosexual marriage, mother-child bonds and the male ‘breadwinner’) on development discourses, critical development studies, and sex and war.

Megan is nominated by:

Laura Sjoberg
Virginia Tech

Caron Gentry (seconder)
Abilene Christian University

Annick Wibben (seconder)
University of San Francisco

Student Representative, 2009-2011:
Jennifer Pedersen
Department of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Jennifer Pedersen is a PhD Candidate at the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, Wales. Her research looks at two women’s peace movements, the Women in Peacebuilding Network of Liberia and the Raging Grannies of North America. Her thesis examines how women peace activists challenge stereotypes of women’s roles in politics and open up new political space for women. Jennifer has a Master’s in International Security Studies from the University of St. Andrews, where she was a British Chevening Scholar, and a Bachelor of Humanities (Highest Honours) degree from Carleton University in Ottawa. She spent six months as an intern with the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding in Accra, Ghana, in 2005 – 2006. She has presented papers on her research on women in peacebuilding in Liberia at the 2007 British International Studies Association Conference and the 2008 International Studies Association Annual Convention, and has presented her research on the Raging Grannies at the 2008 Association for Research on Mothering Conference in Toronto. At Aberystwyth University she serves as co-convenor of the Security Research Group and convenor of the Critical Approaches to Terrorism Research Group. Jennifer was awarded Aberystwyth University’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award in July 2008.

Jennifer Pederson is nominated by:

Annick Wibben
University of San Francisco

Soumita Basu (seconder)
University of Wales Aberystwyth

Laura Sjoberg (seconder)
Virginia Tech


Anonymous The Nominating Committee said...

Footnote to nominees for member-at-large:

In order to correct the issue that we had with members-at-large at the 2008 FTGS Business Meeting (where, rather than having a competitive election, we “appointed” five members-at-large for three spots, the nominating committee (which only received 1 nomination for member-at-large 2009-2011) suggests extending the terms of two of those five members elected at ISA 2008, so that we return to a schedule of electing three members at large to two year terms each year. Therefore, two of the nominees are persons who are currently members-at-large

6:26 PM  
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