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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Job Announcement

"She gives back: Women and diaspora philanthropy"

Mama Cash is looking for 4 freelance researchers

Mama Cash is an international women's fund based in Amsterdam which supports groundbreaking and innovative projects conceived by women for women all over the world. Mama Cash works globally, and supports women's groups in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Since 1983, Mama Cash has supported over 5000 women's groups with more than 20 million Euro. The grants she makes go towards securing the human rights of women and ensuring that women have access to Bodily Integrity; Economic Justice; Peace and Security; Arts, Culture and Media; and Agency and Participation. This way, Mama Cash invests in the future of women worldwide.

In the coming years, Mama Cash will invest more actively in allying with old and new philanthropic communities and promote the rights of women within those. In 2005-2006 this investment takes the shape of the project "She gives Back: Women and diaspora philanthropy".

"She gives Back" has the aim to generate knowledge and insight about women and diaspora philanthropy, looking at the phenomenon of remittances from a gender and ethnicity perspective with a focus on the role of women in the practice of 'giving back'; and to share this knowledge with stakeholders and the general public. Activities include research (Q4 2005 and Q1 2006); a researchers meeting (29-30 November 2005); a public event (29 November); and a publication (mid 2006).

The research takes place in five European countries: the Netherlands; United Kingdom; Germany; Italy; and France. In each of the countries (except for the Netherlands, where a researcher has already started), we are looking for:

A goal oriented (junior) researcher who has affinity with the vision and mission of Mama Cash and preferably has knowledge and experience in the field of diaspora philanthropy. You will be part of an international team of 5 researchers with the task to carry out a comparative research in the Netherlands; United Kingdom; Germany; Italy; and France,

with the following components:

A. Facts and figures on remittances in the concerned country (3-4 pages based on literature). The aim of part A is to offer a context against which background the research takes place.

B. A mapping of Gendered Diaspora Philanthropy (gendered DP) in the country concerned through interviews and literature (14-18 pages). Part B is the central part of the research. You will define the concepts involved and address the following questions: What is women's role in diaspora philanthropy? Which are their motivations and their aims in 'giving back'? What are the spaces available, and what are their strategies? Attention will be paid to ways of giving (individual/organised); differences between generations; differences between different migrant communities; the specificities of women's patterns of giving.

C. Through interviews and written sources, 2 or 3 examples of 'good practices': descriptions of organised or individual gendered DP that is innovative and effective.

Your end product is a publishable research paper (in English) of 20-28 pages (parts A, B and C, excluding bibliography and resource list) which will form part of an international publication, together with the other country-based research papers.

You will participate in a researchers meeting (29-30 November 2005) and a public event (29 November 2005) in Amsterdam. The outcomes of these meetings you will use as input for your research.

We are looking for:
You have an MA in the field of Social Sciences, Humanities or (Social) Economics and a good understanding of the concepts of gender, ethnicity and transnationalism. You have experience in working from an intersectional perspective combining gender and ethnicity. Preferably you have experience in doing socially relevant and/or action-oriented research, and/or research around remittances.

You have a relevant network in the country you will work on as well as internationally. You have an analytical view, and are experienced in writing reports of your research findings in a clear and accessible way.

You can conduct research; find resources; and write in a fast way. Given the international character of the project, both your English as well as the language of the country you are conducting the research in, are good in speaking and writing. You can work independently and know how to operate efficiently in a project team. You are responsible in keeping with the timeline and agreements made, you communicate easily with others, and can deal with deadlines.

Your contacts:
Your contact persons within Mama Cash are Nancy Jouwe (general project coordinator) and Esther Vonk (project research coordinator).

We offer:
You will be hired as a freelance researcher and work 10 to 20 days on the project and we offer a minimum of € 3.200 to a maximum of € 4.000 (including VAT, excluding travel expenses), depending on your experience. You will work from home and conduct interviews and consult libraries in the country you conduct the research in.

You will participate in a researchers meeting in Amsterdam on 29 and 30 November 2005. Further communication with your co-researchers and Mama Cash will happen through e-mail and telephone.

Start date is mid November 2005; deadline for the final version of your research paper is March 1st 2006. The publication is due mid 2006.

Do you have affinity with the vision and mission of Mama Cash and are you the researcher that we are looking for? Please send your letter and CV to:

under the subject 'Gendered Diaspora Philanthropy researcher'.
The deadline for applying is October 27th.
Telephone interviews will take place in the first week of November.

More information about Mama Cash can be found on our website:
Here you can also download our latest annual report.

For more information about the project, call + 31 20 689 36 34 and ask
for Esther Vonk or Nancy Jouwe.

Nederlandse Onderzoekschool Vrouwenstudies
Netherlands Research School of Women's Studies
Muntstraat 2A, 3512 EV UTRECHT, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 30 - 253 6001
Fax: +31 (0) 30 - 253 6134
nov@let.uu.nl --- www.let.uu.nl/nov

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Thirteenth Annual York Centre for International and Security Studies

Thirteenth Annual York Centre for International and Security Studies

Exceptional Measures for Exceptional Times: The State of Security Post 9/11
2-3 February 2006

Call for Papers

Purportedly, the events of 9/11 have altered the international security
environment, demanding exceptional measures that tighten borders, enable
indefinite detention, and justify preventive warfare. Forms of sovereign and
executive authority have been resurrected, creating a state of exception by
suspending normal rules and laws that are argued to be in the interests of
national and international security. These developments raise questions
the appropriate balance between security, freedom, and democracy. Some
scholars and activists argue that recent measures have gone too far, and
the costs to freedom and democracy are too high. Others argue that security
measures are needed to protect this very freedom. This conference invites
papers that investigate the policy perspectives and discursive frames that
inform how we think about the relationship between security and freedom in
post 9/11 era. Of particular interest are papers that consider how ideas of
exception get articulated in security discourses and practices and the role
notions of dangerousness and foreignness play in the construction of
and external enemies. How do articulations of danger play on raced, sexed,
classed bodies? On what grounds are states of exception and exceptional
responses justified? What are the ethical and political implications of
suspending normal rules? What dilemmas do new security practices present for
the practitioners and theorists who study the politics of security? How are
scholarly traditions of Security Studies and International Relations
by, and invested in, exceptional measures such as war and conflict?

Reflecting a desire for open, diverse, and vibrant exchange, we strongly
encourage papers that draw on a broad range of theoretical commitments
including Critical Theory, Post-structuralism, Feminism(s),
Anti-Racism, Queer Theory, Marxism, Gramscian, Realism, Liberalism, and
Theory. Interdisciplinary perspectives and presentations grounded outside of
International Relations are strongly encouraged.

Potential Topic Areas:
. Redefinitions of geopolitical space, borders and sovereignty
. Biopolitics
. Political economy of conflict and war
. The politics of xenophobia - racial targeting, indefinite detention,
deportation and expulsion
. Representations of the post 9/11 era
. Weapons proliferation
. Canadian foreign and defence policy and Canada's International
Policy Review
. Defence and the 'homeland'
. Anti-terrorism and immigration law
. Imperialism, empire and foreign policy
. Governance and 'others'
. Intervention - humanitarian or otherwise
. Constructions of foreignness, hetero-normativity, masculinity, and
. New technologies and targets of security
. Ethics and responsibility

The deadline for applications is Friday, 14 October 2005. Please submit an
abstract of 250 words to Tina Managhan managhan@yorku.ca and Colleen Bell

Monday, October 03, 2005

Announcing the student paper award!

ISA 2006

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section -

Student Paper Award 2006

Next year at ISA 2006 in San Diego, the winner of the 2006 Student Paper Award will be announced. Submissions for this award are now open. Students or their teachers are welcome to submit papers. Please see below for the submission deadline, criteria for participation, where and how to submit, names of this year’s Awards Committee.

Please note that the deadline is 30 November, 2005

<>Important dates <>
1) Announcement of the Winner at the ISA: FTGS Reception: Friday, March 24 2006 <>
2) Submission of Papers: no later than November 30, 2005 (no exceptions)

Submission Criteria

<>1) A registered (paid up) FTGSS member currently doing Masters-level or PhD research at
time of submission

Paper has to have been written since the last ISA (March 1, 2004)
Paper has to show

o a clear contribution to the FTGSS mission, laid down in the Charter

o original theoretical and/or empirical content

o a high enough quality (whatever the theoretical or empirical framework)

4) Papers that relate to the ISA 2006 Conference theme are also encouraged

How to Submit

<>Please send the paper

1) either as a WORD (or compatible) document to Marianne Franklin, University for Humanistics, The Netherlands, at

<>2) or as hardcopy (if necessary) to Marianne Franklin, University of Humanistics, Postbus 797,
3500 AT Utrecht, The Netherlands ; tel: #31 30 2390-139 ; fax: #31 30 2340-738 ;
Email: M.I.Franklin@uvh.nl

FTGS Awards Committee: 2005-2006<>
Anna Agathangelou, York University, Toronto, Canada ; Geeta Chowdhry, Northern Arizona University, USA ;
Gunhild Hoogensen, University of Tromsø, Norway ; Marianne Franklin, University for Humanistics, The Netherlands