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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

FTGS Section Name

(From Francine D'Amico)

I propose to change the name of the section to the Feminist Theory & Gender, Race/Ethnicity, & Sexuality Studies Section. This would reflect and recognize the intersectionality/diversity of both our research agendas and our identities and hence be a more accurate reflection of our section members and interests. The title is also more inclusive, inviting broader participation in future conferences.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Discussion of ISA 2010, New Orleans (started by Eve Sandberg)

Dear FTGS People,

In four years the American Political Science Association annual conference will be held in New Orleans. Please see the Hirsh Brown document in the comment sction for the problems with this.

ISA will hold its annual conference in New Orleans in two years. It is too close to the conference date to move the conference.

I cannot attend as someone with a same sex partner - see the Hirsch and Brown in the comments below and my own comments after theirs.

I would hope that some straight allies can take some appropriate action while there. Hence I open this discussion.