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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In Memory of Misty Gerner

This is forwarded from Vicki Golich

Dear Colleagues,

I write to let you know -- in case you have not otherwise learned -- that
Misty passed away on June 19. Her husband, Phil Schrodt, writes "Misty's
long struggle with cancer has ended: She died shortly after noon on Monday,
19 June. Everything worked to the end: she was in her own bed, in no pain,
with no tubes, and looking out into the woods on a sunny day with birds
flitting through the trees." He goes on to say that "a memorial service will
be held at some point in the future, probably after classes resume at the
University of Kansas in mid-August: I will send details on this when they
are available. Misty would undoubtedly appreciate whatever charitable
contributions you might want to make in her memory, but had particular
interest in the "Ad Mundum" ("to the world") fund at her undergraduate alma
mater, Earlham College ( http://www.earlham.edu/).
This is an endowment that we established a number of years ago to provide
need-based supplemental funding to undergraduates doing study abroad.
Earlham's contributions website

could presumably be
used for this.

You can find more news at the KU news release on Misty's death is at

http://www.news.ku.edu/2006/june/19/gerner.shtml or the local paper also did
a nice story at

We -- WCIS -- will be sponsoring a roundtable in Misty's honor in Chicago...
so let me know your ideas or feel free to volunteer..