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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



The Space Between: Theorising Gender in IR and IPE

"There is fiction in the space between
The lines on your page of memories
Write it down but it doesn't mean
You're not just telling stories"
(Tracy Chapman 2000)

Opening Address: V. Spike Peterson
Conversations: Terrell Carver and Christine Sylvester
Keynote: Marysia Zalewski

1st-2nd June 2006

University of Bristol, UK

What does it currently mean to research gender - or to conduct gendered
research? What inspires interest in the practices and politics of gender?
How do our research and citational practices impact on our political and
intellectual identities? What negotiations inform the translation of
gendered research into policy practice? This conference, sponsored by the
BISA Gendering International Relations Working Group and the International
Political Economy Group, aims to bring together scholars from the fields of
International Relations, International Political Economy and Security and
Development in order to reflect on these questions and on the presence and
absence of gender in their work.
It's been almost a decade since J. Ann Ticker published 'You Just Don't
Understand?' in International Studies Quarterly. Since then, feminist
scholarship in the disciplines of International Relations, Peace and
Security Studies, Development and International Political Economy has
continued to challenge the boundaries of these disciplines, drawing
attention to gender as inherent in both the organisational logic and the
objects of study of all aspects of international politics.
Yet there is limited engagement between feminist and non-feminist critical
work within these disciplines. While interdisciplinary scholarship is
becoming increasingly mainstreamed, a persistent poverty animates the
conversation between critical scholars regarding gendered work. We welcome
submissions from those who work on gender in these subject areas, but also
from scholars who might not undertake gendered critiques in their work but
nonetheless would be interested in engaging in debate with notable feminist
Numbers are limited, so please respond to this call as promptly as
possible. Participants who do not intend to present papers are also
encouraged to attend the conference, and are asked to register their
interest with the conference organizer, Laura Shepherd, as soon as
possible. If you would be interested in acting as a discussant or chair,
please signal this in the initial e-mail. Please e-mail abstracts of no
more than 200 words accompanied by full contact details to Laura Shepherd
( Laura.Shepherd@bristol.ac.uk) by 1st March 2006. Registration details will
be mailed out the following week.