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Monday, February 20, 2006

Officer Elections

Feminist Theory and Gender Studies Section

Call for nominations - 2006

The following positions are open for nomination:

2007 Section Chair (one position)
2007 Programme/Vice-Chair (one position)
Members-at-Large: 2006-08 (three positions)
2006 Student Representative (one position)

Requirements and responsibilities:

Nominees and those elected to office must be willing and able to partake in email communications, fund-raising, and other activities pertaining to activities of the FTGSS section in the year prior to each annual conference. They must also be a registered (i.e. paid-up) FTGSS member. If nominees are unsure of their status in FTGSS (i.e: paid or not), please contact ISA directly - they can provide you with this information.

Note for nominators:

Each nomination needs to include two seconders to the nomination. The lead nominator must include their name, affiliation and email to the nomination. Please send nominations, information about nominators (and names of two seconders), and nominee’s biographical notes to one of the following members of the FTGSS nominating committee:

Gunhild Hoogensen (chair) - gunhildh@sv.uit.no

Laura Sjoberg – laura_sjoberg@ksg.harvard.edu

Laura Parisi - lparisi@uvic.ca

Note for nominees:

All nominees are requested to send a brief bio to the FTGSS nominating committee (200 words max). The bios will be placed on the website prior to the election for members to become familiar with the nominees. Full contact info (name, affiliation, email, home contact) should also be supplied for each nominee (for the files of the nominating committee).

More Information:

Members are welcome to refer to the FTGSS constitution regarding the election of officers. http://www.isanet.org/sections/ftgs/constitution.html. Articles V and VI name the positions to be filled, as well as the importance of graduate student representation and ensuring a reasonable regional/ geographic representation across the executive.


In the case of there being only one nominee per position, their appointment will be confirmed by a general ballot at the FTGSS Annual General Meeting. In the case of there being more the one nominee per position, the election of officers will take place at the FTGSS AGM. The FTGSS AGM will be on Friday, 24 March, at the ISA conference centre in San Diego. For details on the exact time and place for the AGM, please consult the ISA Conference Program.